Different replies for different emails – Gmail canned response tool

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Google canned response tool is very important feature for Gmail, helps you to reply your all incoming emails. As example : If you were offering an advertisement place on your site and currently don’t have any space available. Using gmail canned response tool you can define a message template, which will be used to send reply to all incoming emails which are sent to you for only inquiry about advertisement place. Paper Frog Media (seo company nepal) helps you to boost your digital marketing campaigns.

Only you need to do is, set a filter to All incoming emails and assign a canned response to that filter. Setting up filter means you need to find out common words which will be used in advertisement inquiry : such as – ads, advertisement etc. After that all emails containing these words will be filtered out and a defined response will be sent to them.

Here is a quick video tutorial for How to setup canned response tool to specific filter. (Without voice narration)

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